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Now there’s a better way to remind your supporters to vote on election day

VoteReminder is a robust platform that allows your supporters to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) by setting a reminder to vote for your local, state, and federal campaigns.

You want a way to empower your supporters to set their own “Get out the vote” reminders.
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You’ve drained your campaign finances, unsure if your tactics will deliver voters to the polls.
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You need a helpful solution that’s easy to use and will remind your supporters when it’s time to vote.

You need VoteReminder.

Built for political promotions

VoteReminder has endless possibilities for federal, state, county, and municipal politics. Drive your supporters to vote for office positions, measures, and propositions in your district.

VoteReminder reminds supporters to vote on election day!

•  National political office
•  Senator or Congressman

•  Local government

Ballot issues
•  Measures and propositions
•  Laws and amendments
•  Subsidies and support

How VoteReminder works:
Let’s cure “I forgot to vote” once and for all!

Enhanced QR code 

Voters scan the enhanced QR code on your direct mail, posters, podiums, and tv ads to set a reminder to vote.

Mobile first landing 

Once scanned, they are served a simple landing page to learn more and set a reminder to vote for you or your ballot issue.

Timely alerts

Your supporters receive alerts when the polls are about to open and are encouraged to vote!

What VoteReminder can do for you

It gives your supporters a convenient way to set reminders on election day.

• • •

It alerts your supporters when it’s time to vote, provides your info, and encourages them to vote.

• • •

It extends your campaign dollars and awareness with multiple alerts leading up to the election.

• • •

It provides 100% media attribution on your campaign spend by channel, time, and location.

• • •

It’s easy to set up and even easier for your supporters to set a reminder to vote.

An easy add-on that reminds your supporters to vote

With VoteReminder’s simple campaign set-up, it’s easy to add to your existing promotions. Plus, real-time measures of key performance metrics make insights a breeze. You’ll be able to track:

• What tactics are working
• Number of QR scans
• Scan dates

• Number of reminders set
• Scan locations
• Device type

Flexible pricing for every candidate’s budget – try it FREE!

Local campaigns

Up to 500 reminders set

State campaigns
$199 per month

Up to 2,000 reminders set

Federal campaigns
Price upon request

Custom proposal based on usage

Get started – FREE!
Contact us today to discuss your needs.

About Respond Now LLC

Respond Now LLC is a direct response product incubator that helps small, medium, and enterprise businesses bring their ideas to market through direct marketing. Based in Hayward, California, the company specializes in developing and launching a wide range of products, including:

  •, enabling prospects to set reminders for your offers and events.
  •, reminding your supporters to vote the instant the polls open.
  •, allowing prospects to respond using their smart speaker.

With a team of experienced product development and direct marketing experts, Respond Now LLC can quickly and efficiently validate new product ideas and create a solid launch strategy to bring them to market. Respond Now LLC was launched in 2018 by Mike Gunderson to get his clients at Gunderson Direct Inc. better performance through their direct mail marketing efforts. 

Demo VoteReminder now!

Scan or tap the QR code with your
mobile to set a reminder.

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